What We Do

B2B Peel is the way to reach your target market in the Peel Region.  The Peel Region is home to many large corporations!

These are companies that spend a lot of money on services and products needed for their daily operation.

B2B Peel is the kind of journal that often ends up with the purchasing and management departments where decisions are made.

Let us help you reach your target market today!

Online Edition
June - July 2010
"B2B Peel is a marketing tool that is invaluable to reach potential clients for us."

- Jennifer, XMG


"B2B Peel magazine reaches people we could never get to before."

- M. Mittal, ABSA Canda

"Upscale in appearance and was much more affordable than I thought it was going to be."

- J. Dhami, TACS