Online Edition
June-July 2010
About us

Over 50 of the top 500 companies as ranked in the Fortune 500 have offices or head offices in the Peel Region. The Peel Region has over 10s of thousands of businesses operating in it and many of the employees live and shop in the region. The population is over 1.2 Million people. The average household income is over $72,000.00 annually.  

We have devised a way for you to REACH that market. With our journal, B2B Peel, you can reach every business in the area every month for much less than it would cost you any other way. We have designed a quality journal that lets YOUR target market know you are there and have the products and services they need today. 

Our magazine is printed by FSC approved printer because we want to be environmentally responsible, as you also want to be, hence advertising with us gives you great environmental credibility. It is quality full color throughout,  not color cover and then inside black and white/newsprint.

B2B Peel is distributed directly to businesses by Canada Post, not just left in store entrances, which is passive advertising and often ends up in the recycling bin.

Hence we have

5 Great reasons your company should advertise with us

• Circulation guaranteed to all businesses

• Distributed by Canada Post

• All businesses in Peel Region (Mississauga/Brampton/Caledon) receive it

• Full Color quality advertising journal

• Cost effective advertising medium